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Pry harder
PJ Harvey (50ft Queenie)

I've seen you post at Sho's page and other places, and I knew we had Bren,Maj, and just a obsessive love for Roswell in common. But you like the Smiths? So great to see someone else who likes Morrissey. I'm going to friend you, you can do so likewise if inclined. :D


I'm a massive Smiths/Moz fan, I flew halfway around the world to see him live in 2004! It's so awesome to find another person who's a candy/Roswell and Morrissey fan. Definitely friending back! :D

Beautiful layout. I luv Morrissey also. BTW I'm Colleen_Chaos from SC.

Hey! Thanks, I'm adding you back now.

just another flick i am. subscribed earlier to moz-slash, never got added. i think it´s in your power to fix it? okey to add me also to yours/both ways/as it´s supposed to go../?

Hi, I added you back to my friends list and also to the comm. Sorry about that, usually one of the other mods gets all the approvals out of the way before I get a chance to see it.

Hey sarah!

This is so cool you're like the 1st candy that i know on here!

Just me adding u hehe


Hi Sani, adding you back now! <3

Hello, i found you via celluloide's journal and we have similar interests, then i saw you were on kr and liked spencer tracy so i added you :)

(Deleted comment)
Hi Claire and thanks. I've added you.

Love your PJ Harvey icon. :) Please with the adding?

(Deleted comment)
Hi there, I'm definitely adding you back! I love your taste in music, films and eras. My journal is pretty run of the mill, everyday stuff but hopefully you won't find it too boring.

I just saw your post at Roswellfanatics! Interested in being lj friends?

Hi, Sarah.

Could you tell me if you removed the 'hotbumsex plz' pic from the Morrissey slash info from your picture hosting service, as the pic has vanished. We're just trying to work out whether it's been targetted by LJ censors (what with all the deletion kerfuffle) or whether the pic just needs putting back up.



Oh sorry, I didn't see this - bandwidth was exceeded last month on my domain but it should be back up now. :)

(Deleted comment)
Hi, no worries! Since you're over 18, I have sent you an invite - check :)

(Deleted comment)
Hello, my name is Heidi. I am very interested in becoming a member of the Morrissey_Slash LJ group. When I tried to befriend the group, I was directed to a few people to talk to, and you were one of them. I really would like to be a member.


What is your date of birth? You need to have your DOB in your profile in order to join the community, as we only accept members who are 18 or over.

(Deleted comment)
Hey, I added you but it's not showing you as having added me?

Hello, stumbled across this on my search to somehow join morrissey_slash that I see you co-maintain.

As it says you guys are no longer taking new members I was forced to bother one of you at your personal journals *sorry*

Although I wouldn't mind adding another Moz/Smiths fan anyway :)

Hi there, I added you back and sent you an invite for the comm. :)

Hello there. I really do hate to smother you in more requests to join morrissey_slash, but... An add would be lovely! As, sadly, there is no other outlet in the whole of the interwebz for a Smiths slash fixation. Thanks for the consideration! Sorry to bother you.

(You’re music taste is most A+, by the way.)

I've sent you an invite and added you back. :)

And thank you!

I would love it if you could add me to your friends and to Morrissey_slash, can you? Would you?

I added you to my friends :D

Done and done! Check your invites. :)

Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could join morrissey_slash? I would really love to.

(And btw, I really love your layout!)

Invitation sent, and thanks. :)

Hey, not to ask to be added; I have a separate question. I'm creating a costume drama/romance resource community on LJ featuring the best icons/graphics from various users on LJ and on the web I can find, and I was wondering if I could feature some of your work there(from both LJ and stuff you've posted at Mediablvd and Electric Candy, etc.). It will be non-hotlinked and fully credited with your LJ username(unless you'd rather be linked to Electric Candy). I would direct you to the site so you could check it out but it's still in process and I probably won't be opening it for some months...

Hey, that's fine with me. Thanks for asking. Probably it would be best to link my stuff back to EC since I don't post many icons on my LJ.

Hallo fellow Smithsonian!! Is there any chance I could be added to the moz_slash community? I have a few stories in the making that are rather saucy (he, he) shall we say + I'd love 2 see what everyone else has written! Hope it's ok dat I've added you as a friend? (I need friends, I have none *sob*).

Thanks you!

Yes on both counts - I've sent you an invite.

hullo...may i add ye? found you browsing on kittyradio me thinks...


Hello, I’m a total stranger and I’m really, really sorry to bother you but I was wondering whether there is a chance that I could be added to moz_slash community? I would be extremely thankful.

Hi there, is there any chance you can add me to morrissey_slash? I'd love to read all your fanfic.

Oh! and I just joined tonight, after reading helvissa's famous slash - that's why my page is empty. I didn't contact her cause I wasn't sure about the account she's using.

thanks and don't be suspicious, I'm not Morrissey himself :)


Hey there, check your invites. :)

(Deleted comment)
Hey, could I join morrissey_slash? I would love to read the fic on there :) I'm a huge fan of Morrissey, but I'm new to LJ and for some reason it won't allow me to read 18 rated posts, even though I am over 18. Oh yeah, I added you too btw, add me back if you like.
Thanks =]



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