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Sense and Gullibility

by Sarah Ann

3 August 1983
1920s, afterlife, alfred hitchcock, anaïs nin, ancient egypt, angel the show, anne sexton, antiques, bauhaus, bessie smith, bikini kill, blondie, blues, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, buffyverse, captain beefheart, cat power, cate blanchett, cats, chrissie hynde, clara bow, cocteau twins, coffee, conspiracies, d.h. lawrence, david bowie, dirty three, dorothy parker, echo and the bunnymen, einsturzende neubauten, erotica, existentialism, feminism, film noir, gloria swanson, gone with the wind, greek mythology, grunge, gustave flaubert, hamlet, haunted england, high strangeness, history, hole, hollywood, ian curtis, iggy pop, jane eyre, janet evanovich, jarvis cocker, jeffrey eugenides, jesus and mary chain, joanna lumley, joaquin phoenix, joe pesci, john lennon, johnny cash, joy division, kate bush, katharine hepburn, kim deal, kurt vonnegut, kyuss, le tigre, left wing politics, lj smith, london, lou reed, louise brooks, martin scorcese, michael madsen, michael/maria, morbid curiosities, morrissey, murder investigations, my bloody valentine, new orleans, new york city, nick cave, nirvana, not giving a fuck, olivia de havilland, oscar wilde, paranormal phenomena, patti smith, pixies, pj harvey, plague, portishead, post punk, pro-choice, pulp, punk rock, qotsa, ray liotta, retro decor, river phoenix, roswell, rowland s howard, schadenfreude, sebadoh, sex, shitty romance novels, silent films, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, spike, spike/buffy, spike/drusilla, spuffy, stooges, sweet valley recaps, teenage fanclub, tex perkins, the beatles, the birthday party, the breeders, the brontë sisters, the chaser, the cure, the fall, the kinks, the office uk, the raincoats, the smiths, the velvet underground, theda bara, tom waits, unsolved mysteries, victorian era, vintage, vivien leigh, whimsicality, william the bloody, young marble giants